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Gerry & Ginger Launch

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Get your Gerry & Ginger pack here:

Gerry & Ginger are two giraffes who love dancing more than anything else and they like to share their joy of dance with other girls and boys.

They can do Ballroom to Ballet, Latin American to Tap and Modern – in fact, any kind of dancing that you as their teacher like to teach!

Gerry & Ginger is a young child friendly scheme born out of experience of a team of ABD dance teachers whose years of working with young children have helped to devise a system of engaging with young children that makes dance fun whilst broadening their imaginations both musically and creatively enabling them to learn dance and movement at their own pace whilst being rewarded with certificates, stickers and awards – all based on the Gerry & Ginger theme.

This system ensures that the children bond with Gerry & Ginger whilst learning dance and movement ensuring that they return every week to see Gerry & Ginger in class whilst collecting their various stickers and awards.

Loveable Gerry & Ginger are the focal points of the class giving the teacher an opportunity to introduce steps and sequences as they see fit but with a constant emphasis on fun.

ABD will supply you with a Gerry & Ginger cuddly toy with dance accessories to use in the class.

You may choose to let the children take them home for the week on a rota basis – eventually, when the children take their medal tests, they can be awarded their own replica Gerry & Ginger too!

When the children gain their first medal, Ginger & Gerry will too because they and the class will want to work together building on this bond that will ensure that your classes are always full as the children collect their stickers each week to place on their personal certificates.

The pack contains 10 high-quality certificates, 60 stickers, and a plastic holder.

The cost per pack is just £20; working out at £2 per pupil over 6 weeks – a realistic price that you can either absorb or add on to your class charge.

ABD can supply Gerry & Ginger as a cuddly toy for use in class with dance accessories for £15 each or large replicas (4 feet high) for £70 each – accessories extra.


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Get your Gerry & Ginger pack here:

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