Examinations and Medal Tests

Technical Examinations

Syllabi are taken in the following subjects:
Classical - Ballet, National and Greek.
Stage - Tap, Soft Musical Comedy, Acrobatic, Lyrical and Modern, Musical Theatre,
Ballroom & Latin American
Irish - Hard, Soft & Ceili

All examinations may be taken in all grades up to and including professional qualifications. Pre-Preparatory, Preparatory, Primary, Grade One to Five, Pre-Elementary, Elementary/Associate, Intermediate/Licentiate and Advanced/Fellowship.

Medal Examinations

These examinations can be taken in the above subjects, including Drama and Song and Dance, either as Solos, Duets, Trios, Quartets, Troupes or Groups - in full stage makeup and costume.

Qualifications should be advertised in the following way:

Affiliated Members A.B.D. (AFF)
Student Members S.A.B.D.
Dancers Diploma A.B.D. (DD Elem)
  A.B.D. (DD Inter)
  A.B.D. (DD Adv)
Associate Members A.A.B.D.
Licentiate Members L.A.B.D.
Fellowship Members F.A.B.D.


The Dancers Diploma is not a teachers examination, and not a qualification to teach. It is a performers examination and not a technical examination, requiring teaching knowledge and a written project book together with references from two professional people, as is required in a professional teaching examination.


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