ABD Covid Guidance

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Recent and upcoming changes

Restrictions are easing across the UK.

In England

Step 1 of the roadmap out of lockdown has begun. Shielding ends on 31 March.

In Scotland

People will be asked to ‘Stay Local’ from 2 April. A timetable for further lockdown easing from 5 April is on GOV.SCOT.

In Wales

The stay at home restriction was lifted on 13 March. Read about the rules on GOV.WALES.

In Northern Ireland

The next review will happen on or before 15 April. You can read the guidance on current restrictions on nidirect.


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We welcomed the news from the Government that Dance Studio's will be able to reopen from the 25th July 2020.  This is our advance guide to Good Practice, ahead of any further guidelines/legislation from the UK Government.

This guidance is for Ballroom and Theatre members and whilst these are suggestions that you may wish to adopt, common sense needs to play a large part in how some (if not all) of these suggestions meet the needs of your school allowing for limitations that may affect your ability to meet all suggestions/requirements.

Our guidance applies to England and can change at any time with little notice from the government. You must adhere to the individual country laws and guidance of the devolved administrations (Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland and other Worldwide countries).

Measures set out in this guidance refer to studios, but include all venues used for dancing. However, hall hirers will need to see the specific requirements of the venue owners 

  • Small numbers must be maintained in the studio at all times
  • Reduce all class sizes and allow sufficient time between each lesson/class to maintain social distancing
  • Chairs and equipment should be clean at all times, with wipes provided for before and after use
  • Venue cleaning to be carried out before and after each lesson
  • Providing hand sanitizer (in excess of 70% alcohol) applied by all, before and after the lesson
  • Queue management and/or one-way systems to be implemented, venue specific, to maintain social distancing
  • Ensure maximum ventilation of all indoor areas
  • Use of outdoor spaces, where possible, to comply with the latest guidance i.e. bubbles/mass gatherings
  • Floor and wall markings where possible to help people maintain social distancing. If using hazard tape, ensure it complies with all other health & safety guidelines
  • All lessons/classes must be booked in advance and teachers to ensure suitable time given in between to allow dancers to exit and to clean down all areas
  • Dancers and staff should only change at home where possible.
  • Dancers should wait outside the venue until called or messaged in by their teacher
  • Teachers will maintain social distancing at all times
  • Temperatures of all visitors should be checked by the teachers before entering the venue. Contactless thermometers range from £10 to £90.
  • All payments should be made via contactless or electronic transfer, where possible. 
  • Kitchen facilities should not be used by dancers.
  • Toilet facilities may be available and all surfaces should be wiped down after every client
  • No food to be consumed in the venue, however, pupils/adults should bring their own water in a receptacle with their name on.
  • Appropriate risk assessment to be carried out.
  • No spectators to attend lessons.
  • Washing of hands as per the government guidelines immediately on entry and just before exiting
  • All rubbish to be placed in the bins provided.
  • Pupils should arrive dressed for their lesson.
  • Single use PPE for the teacher is recommended and should be safely disposed of.
  • Please ensure that your First aid certificate is up to date and update yourself on how to deal with a Covid-19 potential case. Knowledge of Infectious Diseases courses are available online
  • In the event someone develops an abnormally high temperature (i.e. not through dancing) the follow actions are required

1          The individual should return home immediately

2          Avoid touching anything

3          Any cough or sneeze should be into a tissue and put in a bin.  If tissues are not available then they should cough or sneeze into the crook of their elbow

4          They must follow the guidance for self-isolation and should not be allowed back into the studio until this period has been completed

5          The studio should immediately close and a deep clean be completed

6          A courtesy email to ABD Head Office would be appreciated.

Please note that government guidance changes without notice and this guide will be updated as required.

ABD is in constant contact with One Dance UK, SARA, BDC, TDCI, GQAL, BDQT to monitor any changes that the government may make.